For more than a decade Rob Avery has produced high quality reference texts for use by pilots. These texts are ideal for self study, or preparing for employment interviews

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Product code: Av14



  • Realistic questions (over 165 in total) represent BAK exam requirements very well.
  • Multiple attempts per exam/5 month access period.
  • Written in conjuction with Aviation Theory Centre (ATC) manuals.
  • Automatic online marking through Avfacts "Exams-Online" system.
  • Automatic critique showing weak areas.
  • A step by step worked answer file for questions requiring calculation is displayed.
  • Your own personal access code supplied.
  • Study at home at your own speed.
  • Excellent final check of your knowledge pre-BAK and PPL exams.
  • Written to cover the CASA BAK syllabus.
  • References to VFR (day) work booklet as in real BAK exam.
  • The types of question you can expect in the real exam.
  • Internet access required for marking to occur.
  • Not compatible with Apple Macintosh Computers.
  • Rob Avery is the largest producer of pilot training products in Australia.

Rec Retail Price AUD $33.00 inc GST

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Product Code: Av16

Book of BAK Structured Self-Study Questions


  • Over 600 multiple-choice practice questions.

  • Check your knowledge retention in graduated steps.

  • 100's of multi-choice quiz questions neatly aligned with chapters in Aviation Theory Centre (ATC)

  • BAK training manual.

  • Worked answers (where applicable).

  • Multiple attempts per quiz/longaccess period.

  • Automatic online marking and KDR through Avfacts "Exams-Online" system.

  • A step by step worked answer file forquestions requiring calculation is displayed.

  • Your own personal access password supplied to you via email when you register the book online.

  • Study at home at your own speed.

  • The very best preparation prior to the BAK exam.

  • Prepares you well for later licence upgrade to PPL or CPL studies/exams.

  • References to VFR (day) work booklet(to be supplied by purchaser).

  • The style of question you can expect in the real exams.

  • Check out the huge range of Rob Avery pilot training/study products at

Rec retail price AUD$52.00 inc GST

Note: Internet access is required for online marking to operate.

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