For more than a decade Rob Avery has produced high quality reference texts for use by pilots. These texts are ideal for self study, or preparing for employment interviews

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CASA Style ATPL Air Law Practice Questions
Price is $49.50 inc GST

Product code Av10.

This product contains 3 typical ATPL Air Law practice exams to focus you on the type/depth/style of question you can expect in the real exam. There is also a bonus series of exam quiz modules focussing on the CAO's specifically. CAO questions typically form a large portion of the CASA ATPL Law exam.

Features include:

Multiple attempts at each exam/module.

Long access period.

Online marking facility.

Excellent exam focus.

Suitable also for those converting from overseas ATPL.

Help line NOT included.

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Set of 5 ATPL Navigation practice exams in one book.
Price is $49.50 inc GST

Product code Av40.

Features include:

Online marking through access password supplied to you.

Long access period.

Multiple attempts at each exam allowed.

Superb focus on CASA ATPL Navigation exam type questions.

Worked answer file (KDR) can be downloaded to assist you finding any thinking/calculation errors.

Inexpensive way to check your knowledge.

Help line NOT included.

Best used in association with these Rob Avery products Av2 (ATPL Nav part 1), and Av9 (ATPL Nav part 2).

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Set of 5 ATPL Aerodynamics and Aircraft Systems practice exams book
Price is $49.50 inc GST

Product code Av41.

Features include:

Online marking through access password supplied to you.

Long access period.

Multiple attempts at each exam allowed.

Inexpensive way to check your knowledge.

Help line NOT included.

Best used in after reading these Rob Avery products Av1 ("Flying Glass" ATPL AASA part 1), Av4 (ATPL AASA part 2 - "Basic Gas Turbines"), and Av13 (ATPL AASA part 3).

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Book of 4 ATPL Performance and Loading practice exams.
Price is $49.50 inc GST

Product code Av42.

Features include:

Superb focus from Rob of knowledge requirements by CASA for this subject.

Multiple attempts per exam allowed.

Downloadable KDR/worked answer file highlights calculation/understanding errors.

Best used when read in association with Rob Avery ATPL book product Av15 Typical marks shown for each question.

Help line NOT included.

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ATPL Performance & Loading
Price is $69.50 inc GST

Product code Av15.

These reference texts address the ATPL syllabus, and are focussed on the CASA examination. There are over 180 pages that detail the types of questions you may encounter, and provide the simple methodology to solve them. Examples are given in each of the many topic areas, so that you can become accustomed to the CASA requirement of you , and the question style and depth.

No stone is left unturned to ensure you have the maximum chance of passing on first exam sitting. Robís students enjoy a near perfect first sit pass rate in this subject area. Like all of Rob Averyís reference texts, this book is spiral bound, so it can be laid flat for convenience.

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To review your knowledge, and set of 3 practice Performance and Loading cyba-exams are available separately via a CD ROM disk. As a bonus, two practice meteorology cyba-exams are included. Access to the Internet is required for Cyba-exam operation. Access is provided for 6 attempts at each of the examinations on the purchased disc, or 4 months whichever occurs first, at which time access automatically expires.


ATPL B727 Flight Planning Training Texts (Limited Edition)
RRP AUD $56.00
incl GST

Product code Av8.

These limited edition texts are designed for those pilots finding difficulty understanding Flight Planning, or having difficulty passing the CASA examination. They cover all types of operation, both normal and abnormal.

Over 60 worked CASA style questions, and featuring handy tips to save time in the exam. 111 pages.

For best results, read in association with B727 Flight Planning Practice ExaminationĒ booklet (Ref Av3).
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ATPL Aerodynamics and Aircraft Systems - Part 1
 Flying Glass

Product code Av1.

$56.00 incl GST
Designed primarily for those individuals studying for the Australian ATPL "Aerodynamics and Aircraft Systems" Examination. It forms part of the CASA ATPL reference book list. It explains the ATPL Boeing 767 flight management system in an easy to understand way, whilst also being very comprehensive. It features over 100 multi-choice review questions, complete with model answers, and page references for each question to cut search time.
In short this is essential reading for all ATPL examination candidates.
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ATPL Aerodynamics and Aircraft Systems - Part 2
 Basic Gas Turbine Engines for Pilots

Product code Av4.

$56.00 incl GST
This will suit those pilots seeking easy reading but concise texts which is specifically written to address the understanding required by pilots, NOT engineers. It is also vital reading for ATPL candidates studying for the Australian ATPL "Aerodynamics and Aircraft Systems" examination.

Basic Gas Turbines Text - For Pilots is a complete self study course, complete with over 180 multi-choice practice questions/answers. Page references are also supplied for each question
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ATPL Aerodynamics and Aircraft Systems - Part 3
RRP $66.00
incl GST

Product order code Av13.

Together with Aerodynamics and Systems Part 1 (Flying Glass), and  Aerodynamics and Systems Part 2 (Basic Gas Turbine Engines), this book covers the entire CASA ATPL Aerodynamics and Systems syllabus, and great time and effort has been expended to make sure it imparts the knowledge required in a simple and easy to understand fashion. The previous lack of suitable study texts in this subject has long been identified by students around the globe as frustrating their efforts to pass the relevant examination. These three inexpensive books address that shortcoming, and at the same time provide focus as to the depth of knowledge required in the CASA ATPL examination. Part 3 features over 230 pages, plus numerous diagrams, and a quick reference index to save search time.

As with other study books produced by Rob Avery, it is spiral bound so that when laid flat it does not close on you. Aerodynamics and Aircraft Systems - Part 3, covers the following syllabus topic areas in detail.




Basic and High Speed Aerodynamics


Flaps and Slats (High-Lift Devices)


Flight Control Systems (B767 based)


Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance Systems (TCAS)


Ground Proximity Warning Systems (GPWS)


Flight Recording Systems


Landing Gear and Braking Systems




Air Conditioning & Pressurisation


Aircraft Hydraulic Systems


Aircraft Electrical Systems


Ice and Rain Protection Systems

Aerodynamics and Systems books 1, 2, and 3 are the ideal references for either ATPL students, or those studying toward university or TAFE examinations, and those preparing for airline technical interviews.
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ATPL Navigation - Part 1
$56.00 incl GST

Product code Av2.

Primarily of interest to those pilotís seeking easy reading, concise texts, specifically written to impart the knowledge required to pass the Australian ATPL Navigation Exam. Lotís of worked examples and diagrams to aid understanding and retention. Features review questions with model answers. As used in Australia's leading ATPL course.
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ATPL Navigation - Part 2
$59.40 incl GST

Product code Av9.

The partner to ATPL Navigation Part 1, this book covers the balance of the CASA Navigation syllabus. Topics are:

  • Radio Fundamentals
  • Magnetic Heading Reference Systems
  • ADF
  • DME
  • ILS
  • Concept of Track Miles
  • Inertial Navigation Systems (INS/IRS)
  • GPS
  • HF Radio Systems
  • Ground Radar Systems
  • Weather Radar Systems
  • Charts, and Great Circle Navigation
  • Compass
  • Time Calculations

A must for anyone focussing on the CASA ATPL Navigation examination, or those pilots wishing to upgrade their knowledge for airline interviews. Lotís of diagrams, and every topic explained simply, in a way that Rob Avery is renowned for. If you are not using this book, you are working way too hard, and paying too much.
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ATPL B727 Flight Planning practice exams
RRP AUD $56.00
incl GST

Product code Av3.

A must for anyone sitting this difficult and time limited exam. There are 5 fully worked exams, each with 50 marks as in the CASA exam. Marks allocated are indicative of those in CASA exam.

Quite simply, if you do NOT have this booklet, you are risking precious marks.
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ATPL Practice Exams  Book - 1
$63.00 incl GST

Product code Av5.

At last a booklet of practice ATPL examinations with multi-choice questions and suggested answers.
Invaluable reading prior to sitting the CASA ATPL examination. Contents:
2 x Meteorology exams.
4 x Aircraft Systems and Aerodynamics exams.
3 x Human Factors exams.
1 x Performance and Loading exam.

1 x Navigation exam.
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ATPL Practice Exams  Book - 2
$63.00 incl GST

Product code Av18.

This is an additional exam book to compliment the long standing "General ATPL Exam Book".
Invaluable reading prior to sitting the CASA ATPL examination. Contents:
2 x Flight Planning (B727)
2 x Navigation
2 x Performance & Loading
2 x Aerodynamics & Aircraft Systems

This is an additional exam book to compliment the long standing "General ATPL Exam Book", product code Av5. The eight practice examinations are completely different from those in code Av5.

There is no duplication. The ATPL exam subjects covered in this new exam book are Navigation, Flight Planning, Performance and Loading, and Aerodynamics and Systems. These four are generally regarded as the most challenging of the ATPL examinations, and so this book is a must for those about to sit the CASA exams in these subjects.


Purchasers use the paper exams to find/record their answers, then go online using your unique access codes to get your examination paper marked automatically by the Avfacts cyba-exam system. Percentage marks will be displayed quickly, along with the correct answer, and incorrect responses.
Internet access is required for marking to occur. You are then given an option of down-loading to a computer screen, the working for any calculation style questions. This file is in Acrobat PDF format.


Purchasers simply fill in an online registration form accessible from the book. Registered purchasers will automatically be sent a new access ID and a password by return email, to use from then on, to enter the online marking for each examination. Each book can only be registered once, and to one owner.


Purchasers receive 3 marking credits for each examination. Access to the online marking facility lasts for up to 12 months from the day the book is registered, not the day it was purchased it. Just sign on when you are ready to go. Access is provided for the initial purchaser only, and one computer IP code only is allowed by the cyba-exam security system. Note: Instructor help is NOT provided.

This book can be bought at most pilot supply shops around Australia, or through the Aviationshop online shop.

Recommended retail price for the book is $63.00 including GST, plus postage.

Book order code is Av18.

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