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This page was last updated on 16 November 2013


"ICAO Licence Conversion to Australian Equivalent"

This course is designed to help those pilot's holding fixed wing CPL or ATPL licences in countries other than Australia, convert their licences to an Australian CPL or ATPL. A complete conversion theory package delivered by a combination of book and Internet instruction files and featuring practice cyba-practice examination questions. Including instructor email helpline, it is the only complete course of it's type in Australia. No in-class time required.
The internet course order code is Net 12.

Includes review exams. CLICK HERE for more information, and to order.


The latest ATPL training course released, the course covers the entire CASA Performance and Loading syllabus, with bite-size training blocks followed by review assignments, model answers, incorrect responses highlighted, and most importantly model working.

The course is in colour, making the training working graphics easy to follow, especially those involving the load and trim sheet. Students are to supply the relevant CAR's, CAO's, ERSA, CAAP's, AIP, and the B727 Flight Planning and Performance manual. Review test questions are also provided, as is the CASA B727 Performance and Loading addenda workbooklet.

Like all previously released ATPL courses, this will quickly become the GOLD STANDARD in ATPL training in Australia.

The internet course order code is Net 11.

CLICK HERE for more information, and to order.


Wings...How to become a RAAF Pilot

'Wings...How to become a RAAF Pilot' is a comprehensive one stop guide to achieving your dream of becoming a pilot in the Royal Australian Air Force. Written by ex RAAF pilots, whose experience ranges from fast jet to a Qualified Flying Instructor background, this book comprehensively covers all aspects of the process. It discusses the induction process from a description of military service, minimum entry requirements, entry options and comprehensive coverage of the entire recruitment process including tips to passing the aptitude testing. The book then extensively details the training that you will undergo, including a unique chapter on how to pass pilot's course. Finally, the book examines life as a RAAF pilot, the pay and conditions and concludes with Service facts and a frequently asked questions. There is also an online option to access additional key information, as well as photographs and video clips to be downloaded (Internet access required). 'Wings...How to become a RAAF pilot' is available now from these stores.


Now you can access complete world aviation news, thanks to Updated daily, this service is free, and contains specific headline news as it is happening. Concise information on airline affairs, products, and the politics that goes with them.

CLICK HERE to go there now.


The partner to ATPL Navigation Part 1, this book covers the balance of the CASA Navigation syllabus. From Inertial Nav Systems to Radar, Charts and Great Circle Navigation to Radio Aids - it’s all here. A must for anyone focussing on the CASA ATPL Navigation examination, or those pilots wishing to upgrade their knowledge for airline interviews. Lot’s of diagrams, and every topic explained simply, in a way that Rob Avery is renowned for. If you are not using this book, you are working too hard, and paying too much.

CLICK HERE for more information.

Order code Av9. Price $75.90 including GST.
Buy this book.

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